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Sorbothane Full Strike Insole

Full Strike Insole

Sorbothane Full Strike insole is suitable for all types of lifestyles, activities and impact intensity. Designed for activities where the whole foot is subject to impact shock, Full Strike offers a comprehensive shock absorbing solution. Available for shoe sizes UK 3-12.5.

Shock Absorbing
Sorbothane’s unique viscoelastic material mimics the characteristics of human flesh and absorbs 94.7% of vibrations on impact.
Full Strikes slim lightweight ventilated designed makes this insole perfect for running shoes & performance footwear where weight reduction is paramount.
Slim, Flat & Flexible
Full Strike is slim, flat and flexible making it ideal for studded or close fitting shoes.
Fits Any Shoe
Use in addition to or in place of the existing insole Full Strike conforms well to any choice of shoe with trim to fit lines allowing for a bespoke fit.

Price: £19.99

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